Most tub-shower soap dishes catch water and reduce bars of soap to handfuls of mush. This isn't caused by the soap dish itself but rather usually by the position of the dish—low on the wall near the tub, for example where it takes a direct hit from water leaving the showerhead.

Instead, install a new soap dish high—and dry—on the wall, just below and a little to the side of the showerhead. For a fiberglass or acrylic surround, accessory soap dishes can be glued directly to the wall. For tiled walls, you'll need a porcelain soap dish, and for the install you'll need to remove some tile.
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    Tools List

    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with 1/4-inch-diameter masonry bit
    • hammer
    • nailset
    • cold chisel
      1/4-inch cold chisel
    • putty knife
      Putty knife
    • torpedo level
      Torpedo level
    • Grout saw

    Shopping List

    1. Porcelain soap dish

    2. Tile adhesive, for adhering soap dish to wall

    3. 2-inch-wide masking tape, used to temporarily hold soap dish in place

    4. Tile grout, used to fill joints around soap dish