Among the simplest creative reuse projects I've done for my Salvage column, this landscape uplight is also one of my favorites. That's partly because I love proving naysayers wrong. Many of my colleagues couldn't visualize a chimney pot, much less a chimney pot that could cast a warm, 50-watt glow on the undersides of a Japanese maple's leaves. But I found a believer in Maria Burk of Kichler Landscape Lighting, who hooked me up with a low-voltage light that fit snugly inside the base of the crown-topped pot I chose. She also sent along a 60-watt transformer with a built-in timer, which plugs directly into an all-weather outlet, so the unit will automatically turn itself on and off each night. Here’s the step-by-step for how I put all the pieces together:
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    Tools List

    • wire strippers
      Wire strippers
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • gloves
    • pointed shovel
    • wire cable snips

    Shopping List

    1. Vintage chimney pot: Chimney Pot or Recycling the Past

    2. Kichler 60-Watt transformer: Bellacor

    3. Kichler 50-watt black well accent light: Bellacor

    4. Metal mesh such as tile backer or screen