Q: Now that winter is over (whew!), it's time for me to solve a problem in my two-car garage. The floor is painted with epoxy, and when snow melts off the car and lands on the floor it just sits there and forms a puddle. I have no idea how to contain this problem.

— Derek, Coventry, RI

A: Tom Silva replies: Epoxy makes a great surface for a garage floor because it's easy to clean. But it also prevents moisture from being absorbed into the concrete, so puddles tend to stay around longer. Short of wiping snow off the car before you drive in, about the only thing you can do is to place a large "welcome mat" under the car. Various mail-order companies offer these car-size vinyl mats, which have shallow grooves to contain the slop and protect the epoxy from road salt and grit. Come summer, you can just roll up the mat and store it until winter.
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