Q: My hardwood floor has patches of plywood. Can I replace those plywood patches with hardwood without having to replace the whole floor?

– Linda, Tipton, Missouri

A: Tom Silva replies: It's not easy. You could of course patch them with another patch — but that would look like a patch. Or you can take the time to weave the floor back into place. That means staggering back or cutting back every other board that exists in the floor so that none of the seams line up. You don't want the seams to line up because that's what makes it look like a patch.

One of the things that you have to be sure of is that you get the same dimension lumber — not only in width, but in thickness — and also same species. If not properly matched, these factors will also leave your floor with the look of having been patched. So it is a tricky and time-consuming job.

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