Q: How do I jack my house on a limited budget?

– Allen, Haverhill, Massachusetts

A: Tom Silva replies: Jacking your house on a limited budget is difficult — because jacking a house is difficult, period. If you don't know what you're doing you can cause huge problems. The limited budget could end up breaking the bank altogether if you do it wrong. Every house can be different when it comes to jacking, depending on the type of structure that it is. You deal with each situation differently. For instance, the method of jacking a house is different depending on what kind of roof you have — a hip roof or a shag roof or a gable. In the last case it would also be a question of whether you need to jack one of the soffit-sides of the house or one of the gable-sides. Basically, each of those situations, and others, indicate different jacking techniques.

It's not an amateur's job, by any means. A house moving company will come in and jack your house for you — and of course you can get bids from different companies in your area. Then once your house is jacked you can do your own work on it. That would probably be the smartest way to go if you're trying to save money.
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