Q: What is hot mopping, and what are the steps involved in hot mopping a shower floor?

— Lindy, Somerset, California

A: Tom says: The hot mopping I know is done on a roof and I must admit I'm not familiar with hot mopping a shower floor. In general, the process involves heating asphalt and then mopping onto a roof, after which a felt paper is rolled onto it. Then the process is repeated in layers. That basically creates a multi-layer sandwich of tile paper and asphalt, waterproofing the roof. What you're referring to could be the use of a similar process, I would think, to prepare the base of a shower stall, which I've never done.

We typically use a copper pan and cement to do shower stalls. First we form a copper pan in the base of the shower, then put in a drain and solder it all around. The pan comes up the side of the wall 6 to 8 inches. After putting a little bit of cement in the bottom to pitch it to the drain, we tile on top of it. There is also a product out that is a kind of flexible pad, which can be formed to fit the shower basin, then folded and sealed. You would then pour your cement into that, pitching to the drain, eliminating the need for the copper pan.
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