Q: My aluminum gutters are leaking at the seams, but it's not in my budget to replace them this year. Is there any way I can seal the seams?

— Mark, Leominster, Massachusetts

A: Tom Silva replies: Yes. You can use a butyl caulking, or they now have a gray caulking that looks like liquid solder, and it's for filling the seams of gutters. Before you begin your repair work your gutters have to be clean and dry. There is also a tri-polymer product that's good because it can be applied in almost any temperature, and it can also be recaulked to itself. With silicone, if you put it in the first time and you happen to miss a little spot, you've got to remove and redo the whole thing because silicone will not stick to itself, whereas this tri-polymer product will. It also comes in a liquid as well as a caulking, and it comes in colors. It can be applied at zero degrees or it can be applied at 140 degrees. (Although in either case, you're not going to want to be out there.) Ask your local hardware or do-it-yourself professional about it.
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