Q: I'm in the process of converting a storage room into a bedroom. The concrete floor has several cracks and other flaws. What material do you recommend to fill in the cracks and seal the floor? — Paul, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

A: Tom says : There is a product available now, called a hydraulic cement, which expands when you put it in the seams of a floor. But first you've got to clean it. Make sure you wear saftey glasses, then dig out the cracks, making them a little bit bigger if you can. You can get hydraulic cement as a fast-cure or a slow-setting cure. And you mix it up like a liquid, dampen the crack slightly, and pour the mixture in. Then you smooth it right off flat. What will happen is that will stick really well and expand within the crack and hold itself down. Next you've got to seal the floor, and again, before you do that it has to be clean and it has to be dry.

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