Q: How do I repair holes to exterior stucco siding? Joseph, Mahwah, New Jersey

A: Tom Silva replies: You can get either a stucco repair kit or a bag of stucco. Basically you're going to clean out the area, break away any loose stucco, and do the repair in two applications. You've got to dampen the area and put a base coat in using a small trowel, making sure there's wire in back of the hole you're repairing. Let that set, then mix up the second coat and parge over it. But depending on what the hole's from, you may have to put in new mesh backer before you begin. If the wire mesh is destroyed or missing, then you'll have to cut it out a little bigger, nail a new piece of wire mesh on there — making sure that there's felt paper in back of that — and then repair the stucco.
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