Q: During the Tucson project, the old plumbing was replaced with a flexible plastic tubing. We are planning to replace the hot and cold galvanized pipes within the very near future and we would like to install the mentioned plastic tubing — the installation looks easier than the copper or PVC pipe. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide me on the subject. — Robert

A: Richard Trethewey replies: What I showed in Tucson and in Santa Barbara was a piping material generically called cross linked polyethelene (PEX). This super-tough plastic is flexible and allows every fixture or fixture group to get a dedicated supply. Because it's flexible there are no fittings inside the walls. It makes retrofitting a piping system possible in old homes with galvanized steel or old brass piping. It is used widely in Europe and is slowly getting acceptance and approval across the United States. I recommend it highly. Check the Resource Directory for names of companies that we used on the show.

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