Pumpkin seed with assorted Seeds
Photo: Levi Brown
Q: Can I grow the seeds saved from last year's Halloween pumpkin?
—Alyssa Guilino, Alexandria, VA.

A: As long as you’ve kept them in a cool, dry, dark place, pumpkin seeds can be planted when the heavy spring rains are over and temperatures regularly reach into the 70s. The day before planting, discard any shriveled or discolored seeds and soak the rest in warm water to speed sprouting. Plant them 11⁄2 inches deep in rich, well-watered soil where they’ll get at least six hours of sun a day. You’ll be rewarded with a crop of pumpkins in about four months. —The Editors

Other Seeds To Sow:

1. Garden bean
2. Pumpkin
'Sugar Pie'
3. Castor bean
4. Hyacinth
'Ruby Moon'
5. Pea
6. Watermelon
'Crimson Sweet'
7. Sunflower
8. Nasturtium
'Jewel Mix'
9. Morning glory
'Heavenly Blue'
10. Morning glory
'Star of Yelta'
11. Bells of Ireland
12. Parsley
13. Basil
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