exterior hot-water faucet hose bib
Courtesy of moen
This exterior hose bib delivers hot and cold water, just the thing for giving your car or your dog a wintertime wash.
Q: Why doesn't anybody ever put a hot-water faucet on the outside of a house? It seems like it would come in handy for washing cars in the winter, and it would be great for filling small swimming pools and hot tubs in the summer.

—Gordy Sullivan, Manchester, Conn.

A: Richard Trethewey replies: How about washing the dog? There are plenty of reasons why you'd want hot water outdoors all year round. I know of one fancy hose bib made by Moen that's designed to deliver hot, cold, and warm water outside the house. It has a single handle that adjusts both water flow and temperature, and its temperature-balanced cartridge keeps the kids from spraying Fido—or each other—with scalding water. And there's no worry about freeze-ups: The $80 unit drains completely after each use.

Of course, having hot water outdoors means some additional costs besides buying the bib: namely, the installation of a new hot water supply line and all the extra hot water you'll end up using.

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