Q: Our front doors take a beating from blown rain and the harsh afternoon sun, and now the veneer is lifting or rippled. Is there any way to repair this problem without replacing the doors?
—Bonnie Reed, Export, PA.

A: Tom Silva replies: It's tough to tell how serious the problem is without seeing the doors in person, but you might be able to reglue the loose areas with a waterproof woodworker's glue like Titebond III. You'll need to wait for nice weather before starting, because the doors will have to come off for a day or two.

Spread a thin film of glue on the veneer and its substrate wherever an edge has lifted. Bubbled veneer can sometimes be repaired by slitting the bubble with the grain, then using a paper clip or sliver of wood to dab glue underneath. In either case, clamp the repairs using wide pieces of wood to spread the pressure evenly. Cover these pieces with plastic wrap so the glue won't stick to them, and if any glue squeezes out the sides, wipe it up with a damp rag right away.

When the glue dries and the clamps come off, brush on a couple of coats of paint, or several coats of marine varnish. They will protect your repaired door from the sun and weather.
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