Q: About six years ago the forsythia bushes that used to border my log cabin were removed. Since then, I've noticed the logs had been rotting. Is there a way to prevent further rot and/or fix the rot that has already taken place? — Diane, West Milford, New Jersey

A: Tom says:It would be my guess that the rot was occurring because the forsythia bushes were preventing the building's logs from getting enough light and drying out regularly. As far as fixing the rot, in all cases you want to dig out or remove the rot to good wood. In some cases, if it's not structural, you can just apply an epoxy to fill in. To do that you would first apply an acceptor, or a primer, on the wood and then fill the spots you've dug out with an epoxy. If your logs are just stained, or sealed, then re-stain them and reseal them. (It's my guess that they aren't painted.) You also want to use a good mildecide, or a product with a mildecide in it, to keep the wood dry and protect it in the future.
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