Q: Whenever it rains, water flows down our driveway and accumulates in the carport next to the house. We cut a small hole in the concrete to act as a catch basin, but it fills up almost immediately. Now we're piling up sandbags whenever it rains. Is there any alternative to having our house look like a fortified camp?

-Nancy Wolkis, Phoenix, Ariz.

A: Tom Silva replies: Assuming that you can't regrade your drive, you'll have to collect the water at the bottom of the slope. You had the right idea by cutting the hole, but the solution is a channel drain that stretches across the entire width of the carport opening. The drain is basically a plastic trough, slightly pitched to one end, topped by a removable grate that sits flush with the surrounding pavement. Connect the drain to a plastic pipe that directs water away from the house or to a drywell, one that's sized to accept the volume of water you expect during a heavy downpour. The manufacturer should be able to help calculate the right size drain for your climate.

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