Norm Abram
Q: I've noticed that people will sometimes push a router away from their bodies, and sometimes they'll pull it toward their bodies. Which way is correct?

— Joseph, Deer Lodge, MT

A: Norm Abram replies: Depending on the situation, either one could be right.

When using a router held in your hands — as opposed to one mounted upside down on a table — there are two key things to remember: that the bit always spins clockwise and that a router bit's cutting edges should always rotate into the work.

In other words, if the edge you're shaping is on the right side of the bit, you should pull the router towards you. And if the edge is on the left side of the bit, you should push the router away from you. Working this way produces better-quality work and is safer.

I find it easier to push a router, so whenever possible, I'll position myself or the workpiece so that the edge being cut is to the left of the bit.
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