Q: What is the proper way to hang vinyl wallpaper over wood paneling? I had contractors come and do it, but the paper keeps falling off.

— George, Hollywood, Pennsylvania

A: Tom says: Well, I don't generally think papering over wood paneling is such a great idea, because, as you point out, the difficulty is creating a good surface that the wall paper will want to adhere to. One way to do it would be to first fill all the voids in the paneling using a joint compound. Then you have to paint over the paneling, size the wall, and paper it. What I'd actually recommend you do, though, is to cover the paneled wall with 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch wall board. Tape it, sand it, prime it, and then apply your wall paper. That seems like a lot more trouble, but it's the proper way to do it if you really want to have a new wall that will hold the paper.
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