Get a Grip

Files are two-handed tools. To use almost any file, grasp the point between your thumb and first two fingers with one hand, and grasp the handle on the back end with your other hand. But you'll have to supply the handle for most files; they come with just the bare tang. There are several handle choices.

You can buy a universal adjustable handle, which comes with inserts that fit different file shapes, or else purchase separate handles sized to fit each file. New-style handles are ergonomic, with comfortably shaped rubber grips.

To fit a handle onto a file, slip the handle onto the tang, hold the handle in your fist with the file pointing upward, and slam the handle's end straight down onto the workbench. The file's momentum drives the tang into the handle. Don't try to pound the handle down onto the tang — file steel is brittle and will shatter with impact. For the same reason, store files flat on a shelf or wrapped in a cloth roll, not loose in a box with other tools.

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