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"Look what I found," says one of Tom Silva's workers, pretending to toss an iron ball the size of a grapefruit at the TV crew, who are sitting around the dusty parlor floor eating lunch and talking about the project. "A cannonball!" reply four people in unison.

"Where'd it come from?" asks producer Deborah Hood.

"A cannon," says Tom, with a smirk. In fact, it came from inside a bathroom wall. It's anybody's guess when or why it got there. Someone suggests it could have been used as a sash weight. Executive producer Bruce Irving theorizes it was left as a prank by an early builder who wanted to "confuse archaeologists of the future."

We'll probably never know its origins, but we do hope to have an expert date it. Meanwhile, no one is more impressed than Norm. "In twenty-five years of working on old homes, we've never found anything really cool," he observes. Until now.

Where to Find It

Jeremiah Eck Architects Inc.
Boston, MA

Building Movers:
Northeast Building Movers
North Hampton, NH

Excavation Contractor:
James M. McLaughlin, Inc
Lexington, MA

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