walk-in closet illustration
Illustration: Duo Dickinson
Whether it's walk-in or reach-in, a closet isn't much good if you can't get to what's inside it. A walk-in should be at least 6 ½ feet wide for easy access
When Is a Closet Not a Closet? When It's Furniture!

Sometimes building a closet isn't practical for economic or design reasons. Armoires still make a lot of sense for hanging items. You'll have to trade off a little storage space (say 10 to 20 percent), but an armoire can have several advantages over a closet of comparable size:

Flexibility: Unlike an armoire, a closet can't be moved around, which means your options for furniture placement are more limited.

Cost: Inexpensive, prefabricated armoires are inevitably cheaper than even the simplest comparable closet.

Aesthetics: Like any piece of furniture, an armoire can add to the look of a room.

Sense of space: Because an armoire typically does not extend all the way to the ceiling (and often is set on feet above the floor), it allows for a better appreciation of the full volume of the space surrounding it

cross sections in a closet illustration
Illustration: Duo Dickinson
Cross Sections
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