Creating Paths and Terraces
When designing the property's walkways, Hubbard considered how each path was meant to be used, then chose a material appropriate for that use. The walk from the driveway to the front door of the cottage is made of brick, to add some formality to that approach. Paths to terraces are made of rustic bluestone pavers for a more casual feel.

These terraces, made from both brick and bluestone, are located to the side of each house — out of view of each other — to ensure privacy. "It's important to create separate outdoor areas for each house," says Hubbard, "so people don't feel like they're on top of each other."

Even close relatives like a little privacy — not to mention the possibility that future owners of the house could rent the cottage to strangers. But for family gatherings, Hubbard added a communal bluestone terrace that's visible from both houses.
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