Non-adjustable Pliers

1. Lineman's
Features: Flat, deeply toothed jaws with wire cutter.
Best for: Grabbing, pulling, bending, and twisting solid electrical and rebar wire and light sheet metal.

2. Curved needlenose
Features: Long, pointed, S-shaped nose with lightly toothed jaws.
Best for: Inserting and removing small screws or other parts behind pipes, around corners, or in otherwise-hard-to-reach places.

3. Needlenose
Features: Lightly toothed jaws with wire cutter and rounded back.
Best for: Delicately gripping small objects, e.g., fishing dropped screws, twisting stranded wires, or bending loops and eyes in solid wire.

4. Bent needlenose
Features: Small, pointed jaws with angled tips; spring return; and soft handles.
Best for: Holding and manipulating small wires, screws, and pulling cotter pins while keeping wrist comfortably parallel to the workpiece.

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