Adjustable Pliers

Jaws get wider with manual adjustment yet stay parallel at any size opening once the handles are engaged.

1. Wrench-plier
Features: Button-adjusted cam-and-ratchet mechanism that keeps its smooth jaws parallel whether or not the handles are open.
Best for: Turning bolts without stripping them, installing finished-metal plumbing fixtures.

2. Pipe-gripping
Features: Lightly serrated curved jaws with four-point slip joint.
Best for: Screwing and unscrewing plastic pipe without scratching it.

3. Tongue-and-groove
Features: Large, serrated, groove-joint jaws and long handles for maximum leverage.
Best for: Tightening and loosening metal pipes and other plumbing connectors.

4. Self-adjusting
Features: Cam-and-ratchet mechanism grips the workpiece, then adjusts the jaws parallel as you squeeze the handles.
Best for: General repairs, plumbing; more reliable than all-purpose slip-joint pliers.

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