Replacing Vinyl Straps

· Measure the frame: For a single-wrap strap (one with exposed plastic pegs or metal clips), measure across the frame from hole to hole with a cloth tape measure wrapping around the outside of the frame. A double-wrap strap (shown below) covers the fasteners. Start at one hole, loop the tape measures fully around the frame, then pull to the opposite hole and repeat.
· Order parts: Buy enough straps and pegs to redo the entire piece. (Metal clips can be reused.) The supplier will cut each strap to length and punch a hole for pegs or attach edge clips on both ends.
· Slice through all the old straps with a utility knife and pop the pegs or clips out of the frame with a screwdriver. Touch up or repaint the frame.

1. Make the straps flexible by soaking them in hot (not boiling) water; never use a hair dryer or heat gun. Attach the strap end by pushing a peg through its hole and into the hole on the back of the frame.

2. With the peg seated firmly, wrap the strap all the way around the frame, covering the peg. (For a single wrap, simply go halfway around the frame and pull to the opposite side.)

3. Grab the strap near its middle and stretch it to the opposite side of the frame. Hold it tight against this side with one hand; use the other to loosely wrap the strap's free end around the frame 1½ times.

4. Keep tension on the strap as you push a peg through the free end and into its hole. Slide the loop up over the peg with your thumb, then let go of the strap. It will tighten as it cools.
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