Fish Soup
Marian Morash is well known to television audiences as the executive chef on "The Victory Garden." If you were lucky enough to visit Nantucket in the 1970s or 1980s, you know her as one of the chefs at the popular Straight Wharf Restaurant. She's well known to us at This Old House as well, since she's married to executive producer/director Russell Morash. Maybe that's why she agreed to share one of her own favorite recipes with us.

Marian's "Straight Wharf Fish Soup" was a crowd-pleaser at the restaurant, and it was on the menu every night for 11 summers. It reflects its creator's belief in using the freshest in local ingredients to get the most delicious results. The recipe is flexible enough to accommodate your favorite firm-fleshed fish, so use whichever one you like — and whichever is freshest.

Roseann Henry
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