Wireless Remote Dead Bolts
Pros: can be used with any latchset; easy for homeowner to install; open with keypad if fob is misplaced
Cons: plastic housing covers interior components; fob can be lost
Price: $100 to $140
Shown: Kwikset's Maximum Security Keyless Entry System (Image #4), which opens the deadbolt, as well as some newer cars and garage doors

Wireless systems are triggered by pressing a button on a remote fob much like those used for car alarms. The Keyless Entry System made by Kwikset can be installed on an existing door by any homeowner with a cordless drill and a screwdriver. Its battery-powered deadbolt can be used in conjunction with any type of latchset and will pick up the fob's radio transmission from up to 30 feet away. (Less expensive infrared systems are good for only a few feet.) To thwart wireless-code thieves, the fob uses the same technology found in most garage-door openers; the code changes automatically with each use. Some fobs can be programmed to open certain garage doors, as well as turn on an entryway light or even arm the alarm on some newer cars. The system comes with a wireless keypad that gets installed near the door, in case a fobless person needs to gain entry.

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