Dream Kitchen
Photo: Grant Kessler
Having been handed the opportunity to build their dream kitchen with help from This Old House (on national television, no less), Heidi and Mike Smith realized that their plans were were going to be driven as much by their needs as by their desires. Their existing long, narrow galley kitchen was too cramped to serve the couple and their 5-year-old triplets. After only a year in the 1928 Tudor Revival, Heidi was ready to move if the situation didn't get better. "Mike didn't know, but I was starting to look at other houses," she says.

When viewers of NBC's Today show chose the Smiths as the lucky homeowners in the This Old House Dream Kitchen search last November, all thoughts of re- location disappeared. Within days, the Smiths had four preliminary plans from architect John Krasnodebski and designer-builder Kristine Boyaris, the husband-and-wife partners of the design/build firm Lake Forest Landmark Development. Over dining room table meetings and friendly glasses of wine, the couples, with some help from the crew of This Old House, hammered out a design that provided the family with all of the necessities — and a few extras.

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