Oxygen-fuel torch (MAPP or propane)
Good For: Cutting and welding iron and steel, as in fence repairs. These gases don't make as sharp and efficient a flame as an oxy-acetylene torch.
Pictured: Oxygen with MAPP gas, which always comes in a yellow cylinder. Propane is cheaper, but the MAPP flame gets slightly hotter.

Good For: Brazing, cutting, and welding iron and steel. Caution: Acetylene is harder to control and more dangerous than other fuels. Visit a welding supply store for the goggles and other protective gear — and welding classes — you'll need to use it safely.
Pictured: A compact oxy-acetylene combo kit, typical of the way these torches are sold.

Propane torch
Good For: Soldering coper pipes, brazing, and heating frozen pipes and rusted nuts.
Pictured: A torch with an electronic ignition, which is safer and more reliable than a spark, and a flame-spreading tip that lowers the heat for softening paint and caramelizing foods.
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