Sweet Smell of Success
Keep these two combinations close at hand to enjoy their delightful fragrance.
Mixed Colors
This aromatic combination requires well-drained soil. Be sure to give it partial shade in hot areas.
What Plants? How Many? Hardy to Zone:
Cherry Pie
Heliotropium arborescens
1 9
Helichrysum thianschanicum 'Icicles'
3 6
Swan River Daisy
Brachyscome 'Moonlight'
3 9
Verbena tamari 'Bright Red'
3 4

Lattice Climber
These sweet-scented flowers require rich, well-draining soil as well as protection from the sun. Keep moist in a shady location. Use a support structure for the hydrangea, and cut back when dormant.
What Plants? How Many? Hardy to Zone:
Climbing Hydrangea
Hydrangea petiolaris
1 5
Sweet Violet
Viola odorata
5 4
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