Year-Round Glory
These combinations were chosen for their ability to delight in every season.
Ornamental Tree
This variegated holly provides year-round interest. Plant a companion male plant in the yard to ensure bright red berries in winter. Add spring bulbs in winter, overplanted with white cyclamen. Follow with any mix of summer annuals in late spring. Plant in well-drained soil, with high organic (manure or guano) content. Choose a sunny location in cool climates, and light shade otherwise.
What Plants? How Many? Hardy to Zone:
English Holly Standard
Ilex aquifolium 'Aurea Marginata' (female)
1 6
Hedera helix
3 5

Acid Dwarfs
Use azalea potting soil with high acidity for this short-stature combo. All three plants are dwarf varieties; the Skimmia is self-fruiting.
What Plants? How Many? Hardy to Zone:
Japanese Skimmia
Skimmia japonica reevesiana
1 7
Gardenia 'Radicans Verigata'
1 8
Rhododendron Robin Hill 'Watchet'
1 6
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