Afternoon Shade
These combinations do best when they get gentle morning sunlight, with afternoon shade to protect them from the harshest rays.
Ornamental Shrub
This shrub bears delightfully fragrant flowers that vary in color as they age. Plant in well-drained soil, keep moist, and protect from frost.
What Plants? How Many? Hardy to Zone:
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Brunsfelsia Australis
1 9
Million Bells
Calibrachoa 'Trailing Blue'
3 8
Nemesia 'White Innocence'
3 8
Spotted Deadnettle
Lamium maculatum 'Orchid Frost'
2 4

An "English Cottage" Look
Enjoy an explosion of color with this combination. Plants require well-drained, organic soil; keep moist, and deadhead regularly. Use the impatiens and lobelias as filler plants for a lush look.
What Plants? How Many? Hardy to Zone:
Gartenmeister (upright)
Snowburner (trailing)
1 each 9
Tuberous Begonias
Red (upright)
Yellow (trailing)
1 each 10
Plectranthus coleoides 'Veriegata'
1 9
Double Impatiens
Impatiens wallerana 'Victorian Rose'
2 1 (annual)
Sutera cordata 'Snowstorm'
1 9
Torenia hybrid 'Summer Wave'
1 8
Trailing Lobelia
Lobelia erinus 'Regatta Rose'
Lobelia erinus 'Regatta Blue Splash'
3 each 1 (annual)
Impatiens wallerana 'Elfin Mixed'
6 1 (annual)
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