Photo: David Carmack
Homeowners Bruce Leasure and Kim Whittemore have big plans for the small suburban lot at the This Old House TV project house in Winchester, Massachusetts. Kim is a master gardener, and once the work on the house is finished and the couple can move in, she'll be itching to get her hands back in the soil, planting trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

But first, TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook and the rest of the crew have a few things to do to prepare the property for the spring gardening season. Several large maple trees in the backyard need to be taken down to import more sunshine and make room for new landscaping, while a couple of sick hemlocks need medical attention to restore their health. At the same time, TOH plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey is working with Roger on installing a European rainwater collection system that will keep Kim's plants well hydrated in the years to come. "This is so exciting to me," says Kim. "I get as big a kick out of this as I do all the stuff that's going on inside the house."
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