More High-Speed Connections

The main reason most people haven't switched to DSL is that many companies don't offer it yet. And even if they do, a home has to be within 3.3 miles (18,000 feet) of a DSL facility to get service. A call to your local phone company or a look on its Web site can tell you if your home falls within the required radius. Unfortunately, the explosive demand for DSL has left phone companies in some areas struggling to find the technicians and equipment they need to keep up. Long waits (3 weeks or more) for the service to start and overloaded tech-help lines have left some customers frustrated and angry. There's one more hurdle to clear: Even after activation, out-of-date phone wires can interrupt connections and drastically reduce speeds. Then you'll have another wait for a new line to be installed. Schoolar is optimistic that these growing pains will pass as companies rush to expand their infrastructure.
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