Choosing Colors

When it comes to grout color, there are three approaches: contrasting (say, white grout with black tile), harmonizing (green grout with green tile), or neutral (a shade of gray or white). While it can be tempting to go with an eye-popping combination, David Goodman tries to steer his clients toward the neutral option. "You may not be madly in love with gray," he says, "but chances are you won't hate it, either."

If you do choose a bold color, grout up a sample section of tile on plywood and live with it for a few days. "I tell people to look at the color in lots of different lights — natural, incandescent, fluorescent," Goodman says. If you make a mistake, unsealed cementitious grout can be stained or painted after it cures (sealed or epoxy grouts will have to be removed). "However, it's a pretty tedious procedure," Goodman says, "so why not make the right choice the first time?"
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