Finishing Touches

Once all the cabinets are securely fastened, install the specialty hardware and decorative trim. Start by screwing the metal tracks that support the rollout shelves into the bottom half of the TV cabinet. Note that the front end of each track is fastened to the edge of the cabinet face frame.

Next, conceal the exposed platform around the bottom of the cabinets with baseboard molding, available prefinished to match the cabinets. To install the crown molding — also available from the manufacturer — nail 3/4x1-in. wood strips to the tops of the cabinets. Then nail the crown molding to the strips with 4d finishing nails. Finish by cutting the old baseboard to fit along the wall. Then put in your equipment and start hunting for that remote.

Where to Find It

American Woodmark
Box 1980, Dept. TH997
Winchester, VA 22604
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