Assembly Sequence

Creating an entertainment center with kitchen cabinets is only slightly more challenging than stacking toy building blocks. You'll need little more than a drill and circular saw (a sabre saw or even a handsaw will work, too). The following building steps are for our cherry entertainment center, but the assembly techniques are essentially the same for other cabinets.

First, remove any baseboard molding from the wall where the entertainment center will go. Then install a 3 1/2-in.-high platform for the cabinets to sit on. The platform, which raises the cabinets off the floor, will later be concealed by baseboard molding. Make it out of 3/4-in. plywood or 2x4s set on edge.

Saw off the toekick from the bottom of the large utility cabinet. Flip the cabinet upside down so its larger compartment is on top for the TV, then set it onto the center of the platform. Build up the height of the shelf so its inside surface is flush with the face frame to make sliding in the TV easy: Cut four or five narrow plywood strips and lay them equally spaced across the shelf. Then cut a 3/4-in. plywood panel to fit over the strips.

Once you've built up the shelf, cut the prefinished plywood skins for the interior surfaces of the compartment. Glue the skins in place with contact cement starting with the one that covers the inside top of the cabinet. Then install the skin along the back, followed by the left- and right-side pieces.

Now, clamp a bookcase unit to a wall cabinet and join the two with a pair of 2 1/2-in. screws driven through the face frames. Spread out a blanket or moving pad and lay the assembled unit on its side. Cut a plywood skin to span across both cabinets and glue it down with contact cement. Repeat this step for the other bookcase.

Next, place the two assembled bookcase units onto the platform and screw them to the middle TV cabinet. Again, drive the screws through the face frames. Also screw down through the bottom of each base cabinet into the platform below. For added stability, drive a screw through the top-rear of each cabinet into a wall stud.
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