Keeping it Affordable

How much will a small-bath remodel cost? That depends on structural changes and the price of the components. The NKBA's annual “Trends Survey” of certified kitchen and bath designers puts the cost of the average bathroom re-model done by its members at about $9,000. You can cut that figure by more than half by shopping at a home center and doing the work yourself. On the other hand, it's easy to exceed that amount by picking high-end components.

For example, a deluxe whirlpool tub costs $5,000, while a white cast-iron tub goes for $500. A sculpted one-piece toilet with a power-assisted flush will set you back $1,000; a basic gravity-action, two-piece model in white costs only $150. A sink with a custom-designed solid-surfacing bowl and pedestal is a $1,000 investment whereas a simple self-rimming, white china version costs $100.

Another important factor in the final tally is the cost of labor. Because all the major building trades are involved in a bathroom remodel, sprucing up even a small bath tends to be expensive if you hire out all the work.

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