Preparing the Opening
Remove the old sliding doors by lifting them off the overhead track. If they don't pop right off, unscrew the roller hardware from the upper, inside surface of each door. Then unscrew the metal door track from the header.

Next, either plane the door edges to fit or reduce the width of the doorway. We narrowed the opening 1 1/2 in. by nailing a 1x4 to each jamb. A 3/4-in. cove molding helps hide the 1x4 filler strips.

Installing the door track to the header is the next step. In most cases, you can screw the metal track directly to the underside of the header. But if the header is trimmed with a valance like the one on this closet, you'll need to install a 2x2 mounting strip. Then drive the screws up through the track and into the 2x2.

With the track in place, fasten an L-shaped jamb bracket to each side jamb. Be sure the center of the bracket aligns precisely with the center of the overhead door track.

Hanging the Doors
Lay the doors facedown on a protected surface and attach the hinges. Each pair of doors requires three hinges. The bifolds are 6 ft., 8 in. tall, which is standard door height. But if there's thick carpeting or ceramic tile on the floor, you might have to trim the doors to length. The easiest way to do this is with a portable circular saw. Be sure to clamp a straight-edge guide in place for best results.

Next, screw a pivot guide to the top and bottom of the two doors that abut the side jambs. Also attach a guide to the top of the two doors that meet in the center. Fold one pair of doors closed, lift it into position and insert the two top pivots into the track. Slip the bottom pivot into the jamb bracket (this job is easier with a helper). Then install the other pair of doors the same way.

Now close both doors and check for equal spacing along each side jamb and down the center. Adjust the pivot points, if needed, to create uniform gaps. Then stand back and admire how much better the whole room looks.

Where to Find It
CraftMaster, Masonite Corp.
1 S. Wacker Dr., Dept. TH1097
Chicago, IL 60606

L.E. Johnson Products
Box 1126, Dept. TH1097
Elkhart, IN 46515p
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