No Porch Required
A deck, backyard, or garden is also a perfect place to site a swing. A rope-hung bench looks right at home beneath a sturdy tree limb; one suspended from a chain is a welcome addition under a well-built pergola or arbor. (Norm, who doesn't have a porch, hung his under an arbor at the New Yankee Workshop.) A number of companies have swings that come suspended in their own frames, or with an arched or flat-topped arbor from which to hang them. Walpole Woodworkers offers both a rustic Lakewood Swing ($650) with facing loveseats that move in unison and the lattice-covered Plantation Arbor arch with cedar Kimball Swing ($1,985), left. A glider — a bench that gently moves forward and back on a mechanized base — is even more versatile, since it requires less space and can be relocated with ease. Wood Classics offers a kit that turns any of its 4-, 5-, or 6-foot-long teak garden benches into a glider.

Where to Find It

Cedar swings:
Walpole Woodworkers
Walpole, MA

Cypress Swings:
Cypress Moon Porch Swings
Alexandria, Louisiana
(903) 571-3612
Cypress Swings:

Mahogany swings:
Weatherend Estate Furniture
Rockland, ME

Oak swings:
Creative Woodworking
Spruce Pine, AL

Teak swings:
Wood Classics
Gardiner, NY

Wood, wicker, and vinyl/aluminum swings:
Porches and Yards
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