A worm-drive power saw from BOSCH
Photo: David Hamsley
Power and durability: They're two big reasons that hard-charging carpenters on the West Coast prefer "worm-drive" saws over "sidewinders," the direct-drive saws favored by Midwestern and East Coast carpenters. And because worm-drive saw blades are mounted to the left of the motor, it's easy to see the cutline (for right-handers, at least). But the handle on a worm drive is attached to the rear of the motor, an awkward location for anyone used to the balanced, over-the-motor handles found on sidewinders. Bosch's new worm-drive saw ($185) combines the best of both styles: a nicely balanced top-handle design; a left-side, 7¼-inch blade; and a 3-horse, 15-amp motor that won't quit or bog down.

Note: Weighing in at 15 pounds (about the same as other worm-drive saws), it'll give your biceps a workout.

Where to Find It

Top-handle worm-drive saw:
Bosch Power Tool
Chicago, IL
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