Ceiling Medallion Installing a ceiling medallion is the least time-consuming project described here; it's also the only one you can easily do by yourself. Though heavy cast-plaster roundels are still made for restoration work, lightweight versions of polyurethane foam from makers like Focal Point, Style-Mark and Fypon are easier to handle. Style-Mark's versions, for instance, range from 12 to 31 in. dia. and weigh just ounces; they cost $25 to $85 at home centers and lumberyards. They're used to draw attention to chandeliers and light fixtures, to enhance molding and/or columns or just to liven up a plain-Jane ceiling. Medallions don't necessarily have to go solo; try using a row of smaller ones in a long, narrow room or hall. To attach a ceiling medallion, apply a urethane adhesive to the piece, then place it in the desired location on the ceiling. Secure the medallion by countersinking nails or screws spaced several inches apart. Fill in any indentations with spackle. The final step is to paint the medallion with either a latex or oil-based paint.
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