Table-and-Chairs Trolley Drawers, work surface and seating in one neat, roll-away unit for the truly pressed-for-space. Closed (inset), with its two stools slipped under the table, the cart claims only a 28x33-in. floor area. Opened, the gateleg table measures 28x30 in. Available from Lillian Vernon ($149.98). Wall Carousels Liberated from the confines of the cupboard, tiered lazy Susans are now at home on the wall. Nolte's version is a handy off-the-counter place to stow tins of cooking oil, bottles of vinegar and other daily-use items that are too big for spice racks or enclosed shelves. Flip-down Drawer Need just a little more storage space close to the kitchen action? Installed under a hanging cabinet, this 22-in. spring-loaded drawer from Ikea ($19.95) can handle the odds and ends a busy cook accumulates. Hanging Rail
Attached on the backsplash, railing kits, like this one from Häfele, keep utensils within reach but out of the way. By adding such accessories as S-hooks, bottle cradles, a coffee filter holder, a towel rack and even fruit bowls and corner-shelf components, you can customize the system to your liking. Prices, which start at about $10 per linear yard for the basic rail unit, vary by manufacturer and quality of materials.
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