The Installment Plan
Lynne and her father, Loyd Morgan Sr., finished the project bit by bit, over a few months, allowing their muscles and the family bank account to recover between bouts of work. Besides keeping their 2-year-old son, Ben, out of the paint and out of their hair, husband Brad added a ground-fault circuit interrupter to the four existing electrical outlets. He also installed the new energy-efficient appliances. Figuring in the future. A kitchen face-lift can be an end in itself, but the Wildes planned theirs as an interim step. To avoid duplicating efforts and expenses, they designed the project around plans for a kitchen remodel and family room addition. "That meant buying and storing components for the larger project now, just in case the products are no longer available when we get around to it," Lynne says. Notable items include extra ceramic tile for a backsplash extension in the kitchen and laminate flooring for the family room.
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