What to Look For in a Cordless Drill
  1. Chuck jaws: Maximum capacity on most drills is 3/8 inches. Some 14.4 and 18V drills can handle 1/2-inch-diameter bits.
  2. Clutch: More settings give you greater control of the depth screws are driven.
  3. Speed-range switch: High is for drilling; low is for driving screws. Look for the widest range between them.
  4. Forward/reverse switch: Should be easy to operate with your thumb and trigger finger.
  5. Hand grip: Texture and contour should aid your grip; try out the grip before you buy.
  6. Voltage: More voltage means more power but also added weight.
  7. Battery: Two are better than one. New NiMH batteries offer some advantages.
  8. Trigger: Make sure your index finger fits around it comfortably when gripping drill. Variable speed offers the greatest control.
  9. Keyless chuck: Hand-turn it to open and close the chuck jaws.
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