Don't Get Soaked When Buying
  • A good salesperson will match the washer to your needs, not just to your budget. Consider what you wash, how much and how often before you shop.
  • If you liked your old washer, start with the same brand and size. Then see how similarly sized models compare in features, price and warranty.
  • You get what you pay for when it comes to features. Entry-level, low-end models wash everything the same way. But instead of jumping to a premium model immediately, check the features on the next model up; the extra $100 or so can make a big difference in features.
  • It pays to shop around. Large stores display a wide selection of models. Smaller stores show less, though they often have less overhead and lower prices. But you might have to shop from a catalog.
  • Get the best deal, even if you're short on cash. Suppose your old washer suddenly breaks, and you aren't prepared to buy a new one. Some retailers offer no-interest financing for anywhere from three months to one year.
  • Hedge your bets. Ask if the retailer will meet a lower price or give you a rebate if the model goes on sale within the first 30 days after you buy.
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