How it all Fits Together Roof
Typically steeply pitched and topped with finial or cupola. Any type of roofing material can be used, but cedar shakes are the most popular. Side walls
Six- and eight-sided gazebos are most frequently fitted with 36-in.-high railings set between posts. Decorative fret rails are often installed at the top of the walls. Flooring
Can be spaced 2 X 6 decking or tongue-and-groove boards, similar to a porch floor. Floor boards can be laid parallel, as shown, or in pie-slice shapes radiating out from the center. Floor frame
Should be built of pressure-treated lumber to resist decay and insects. It is often trimmed with cedar or redwood fascia boards. Foundation
In a cold climate, concrete footings must be dug down to the frost line, typically 36 to 48 in. In a mild climate, footings should be at least 18 in. deep.
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