Beyond the Basics
However you decide to build your gazebo, think about adding one or more of the following accessories to it: interior lights for nighttime use; exterior lights to illuminate the outside of the gazebo and surrounding area in the evening; an electrical outlet for plugging in a stereo system or blender; a ceiling fan for cooling breezes (be sure the unit is rated for outdoor use); a ramp, especially if you plan to use a serving cart or if access by disabled relatives and friends is a priority; a cold-water supply pipe to serve a wet bar or whirlpool spa; a cupola or weather vane; louvered shutters for blocking out sun and wind; and a copper or slate roof. Whether you build a gazebo as a private retreat or as a place to entertain friends and family, paying attention to the details will ensure years of trouble-free use. If you're still undecided about building one, visit a friend who has a gazebo and see if you can just walk away. We bet you won't be able to.
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