Undertaking Demolition

Understandably, the thinking here is, How difficult can it be to use a sledgehammer? Actually, demolition work doesn't save much because it doesn't cost much. That's because demolition is not a skill-intensive part of the job, so the contractor puts his lowest-paid employees on it. If you do the demo work, you're replacing guys making $8 per hour. The real savings are to be had replacing higher-paid pros, like finish carpenters earning $25 per hour. Also, when the contractor does the demo, he's responsible for containing the dust and getting rid of debris. Once you take on this task, these are your problems, and they may involve buying a dust-containment system and renting a truck. And finally, demo is the most injury-prone part of the job. Frankly, it doesn't make sense to risk injury for such a marginal savings. Splurging on One Item

When choosing kitchen appliances, avoid picking one high-end product and then choosing mid-or bottom-tier items to keep your budget intact. This approach gives an imbalanced look to the room and may cost you more. Here's why: If you choose a premium $4,000 range, it just doesn't look right with a run-of-the mill refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave. But rather than downgrade the range, people tend to upgrade the other appliances. A better solution is to start with more affordable products across the board.
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