Keyed-Entry and Handle Sets

Where they go: Keyed-entry locksets, also called cylindrical and exterior-door locksets, are lever or doorknob units installed in exterior doors that are meant to work in tandem with a dead bolt. Handle sets are locksets with doorknobs or lever handles inside and swan's neck-type handles outside. Handle sets always include a dead bolt. Look for models where the lock and dead bolt are interconnected so you can unlock both with a single motion in case of an emergency exit.
Features to look for:

A Grade 2 security rating.

A dead-locking latch bolt, or dead latch. This small rod adjacent to the strike that protrudes into the adjacent doorjamb prevents the lock from being jimmied with a credit card.

An emergency-exit feature that allows the inside knob to turn freely to open the door, even when it's locked.

A six-pin keying system. It costs more than a five-pin keying system, but is harder to pick.

A heavy-duty-steel or -brass strike plate. Screws securing it should be 3 in. long and penetrate the framing behind the jamb.

Dual-torque springs to keep knobs from sagging or loosening with age.

A protective shroud behind the rose (the decorative circular collar mounted flush to the door). The shroud shields the lock mechanism even if the rose is pried off.

Universal keying, which allows a single key to operate locks from different manufacturers.

A tarnish-free finish and mechanical warranty (both lifetime).
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