Dead Bolts
Where they go: On exterior doors, typically 6 to 12 in. above the keyed entry (locking door handle) or handle set (handle and dead bolt combination) for added security. Double-cylinder dead bolts require keys to open the lock from the interior as well as the exterior. This makes it more secure—burglars can't unlock the door by breaking door glazing or a sidelight and reaching in—but it can be very dangerous if there's a fire and you need to make a fast exit in smoky, poor-visibility conditions. Proponents suggest hiding a key nearby, but building codes in many areas require single-cylinder units that have a turnpiece on the inside. Features to look for:
• For most homes, a Grade 2 rating. Grade 1, a commercial rating, offers added security—at added cost. Avoid Grade 3. And beware of ads touting dead bolts with "Grade 1 features." The rating must be for the entire lock.

A forged, solid-brass plug (the part that the key turns) and cylinder (the part that surrounds the plug). Avoid less expensive locks that have softer brass-plated zinc cylinders and plugs.

A six-pin keying system, which is harder to pick than a five-pin system.

A heavy-gauge-steel or -brass strike plate. Secure it with 3-in.-long screws that go through the jamb into the framing.

A 1-in. throw, which means the bolt extends a full 1 in. into the jamb.

A free-spinning, sawproof, hardened-steel pin at the center of the bolt. If thieves use a saw on the bolt, the steel will resist the blade and the pin will spin, frustrating the cutting action of the saw.

A housing that protrudes into the door face rather than one that sits flush with it. This prevents thieves from sheering the dead bolt off with repeated hammer blows.

Large turnpieces on the interior side that offer more leverage for children or anyone else who has difficulty opening dead bolts. Look for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Conveniences that also add security. Weiser Lock's Powerbolt 3000 dead bolt can be unlocked by remote control. Titan's NightSight model has a motion detector that switches on a light to illuminate the cylinder, making it easier to find.
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